Campus Safety - Winona

Saint Mary’s University Office of Campus Safety makes every effort to ensure and maintain a safe and comfortable living environment for all persons associated with the campus.

Campus Safety personnel are available 24 hours a day to assist in emergencies, provide campus escorts, and enforce regulations detailed in the student handbook (PDF) and parking policy. They also patrol all administrative and residence halls to maintain security at all times.

All students are encouraged to exercise safety by locking personal living areas and reporting strangers to Campus Safety or hall staff…If you See Something/Say Something! When appropriate, Campus Safety personnel will request a valid student I.D. from the person(s) in question. This procedure is a safety measure that minimizes illegal access to areas on campus and deters potential problems from developing. Please note: Campus Safety personnel will not unlock any secured area on campus without the permission of the person overseeing that area (i.e., computer center, post office, living area, etc.).

Saint Mary’s keeps an accurate and up-to-date crime log detailing all reported incidents.

Anyone with questions and/or concerns about the crime log is welcome to contact:

Dr. Jodi L. Monerson
Director of Campus Safety
Toner Student Center TSC115
(507) 457-1888

City of Winona Emergency Services can be reached by calling 9-911 from a campus phone.

Text to 911 from your mobile phone. This service will allow individuals to text their emergency to dispatch if they are unable to call or it is unsafe to call. Visit the Department of Public Safety website for more information on how to use this service.